This website aims to empower Camden residents with the confidence and information to:

• Look after themselves when they can, and visit the GP or other healthcare service when they need to
• Give people greater control of their own health
• Encourage healthy behaviours that help prevent ill health in the long-term

In many cases people can take care of their minor ailments, reducing the number of GP consultations and enabling GPs to focus on caring for higher risk patients.

More cost-effective use of stretched NHS resources allows money to be spent where it’s most needed and improve health outcomes.

Furthermore, increased personal responsibility around healthcare helps improve people’s health and wellbeing and better manage long-term conditions when they do develop.

Visit One You Camden for a range of health advice, support, and digital apps for adults of all ages.

Moving more has huge benefits for our mental and physical wellbeing, there are so many ways to be active in Camden.

Healthy Lifestyle

Test your knowledge on Healthy Lifestyle with these 18 questions!

It is recommended that adults do 100 minutes a week of moderate exercise?

The couch to 5km app is recommended by the NHS to encourage people to start exercising?

Yoga counts as vigorous aerobic exercise.

Bottom to heal stretch exercises are recommended by the NHS for back pain?

You should aim to eat 4 fruit and vegetables a day.

Eating 5 fruit a day is the ideal to get your ‘5-a-day'.

Two glasses of fruit juice and one smoothie counts for 3 portions of my 5-a-day.

Low Glycaemic Index (GI) cereals such as rolled oats are better than High GI cereals like toast.

You should try and have fish once a week.

Fad diets (for example cabbage soup diet) will help me reduce my weight quickly and I will maintain weight loss once I’ve completed the diet.

Eating wholegrain foods helps keep you fuller for longer.

Use of screens such as mobile phones or iPads can affect sleep and should not be used for at least 30 minutes before bed?

A standard bottle (330ml) of 5% alcopop is equivalent to:

It’s better to spread out your alcohol drinking over the course of the week, rather than drink it all over the weekend.

A healthy adult should drink 6-8 cups of water a day.

Smoking outside in the garden completely protects my family from smoke.

It is illegal to smoke in vehicles carrying children.

On average most people who quit smoking save around £100 a month.

Your score is


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